Beginner Professional

Are you a beginner wanting more than the basics?

Are you a professional willing to mentor?

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Starting Q4 2014

Helping you on your journey to become a Real Software Engineer.

Learn what it takes to get the proper skills and make yourself employable.

Work on real code. In real teams. Get experienced mentorship.


Real Code

Work on real code that will be open sourced. No more rigid tutorials. Build real apps.


Work with other beginners. Learn what it takes to build projects as a group.


Get help from experienced developers. Real advice when stuck on issues.

Development Cycle

Learn about planning, requirements, mockups, testing, hosting and a lot more.

Professional Journey

Other Online Courses: basic syntax, general overview, fundamentals, simple tasks

Devcroo: Real Projects, full software cycle, learn-as-you-build

Tools being used


PHP, Python, Ruby, JavaScript


HTML, CSS, JavaScript


Git/version-control, JQuery, frontend/backend frameworks, APIs and more!